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XRAY: KYC Solution

Identity Verification

Confirm and verify the identity of global customers within seconds so you can onboard them quickly.

Business Protection

Stop the use of fraudulent and stolen documents by using facial recognition to mitigate presentation attacks.

Fraud Identification

Biometrically authenticate users and test for genuine presence to prevent the use of false identities.

Data Precision

Incomplete customer data is flagged. The information is kept up-to-date so you can minimise risks.


Use cases

Customer onboarding

Consumers expect fast, secure digital onboarding when they open accounts. Avoid the pitfalls of slow, disjointed customer onboarding by leveraging a global identity verification platform that puts speed, security and growth at the forefront of your operations.


Regulatory compliance

Adjust to evolving regulations and enter new markets confidently with a single identity verification platform. XRAY connects you to more than 450 global and local data sources, 6,000 watchlists and 20,000 adverse media sources to amplify match rates, meet KYC and AML compliance, and fuel market expansion.



As a Financial Institution the AML, KYC and KYB are one of the most important security measures that have to work perfectly. XRAY helps us keep our clients safe and secure reducing the risk of fraud to zero!

Adam Simonsson



XRAY is the best solution aligned with our customer's compliance needs. Working within the remittance industry and providing tech solutions means to have complementary solutions to match our standards.

Andreas Wickberg

Tango AML